Laser engraving is one of the easiest and fastest ways to make a thing not only beautiful, but also unique. In addition, this is an original gift that will definitely make an unforgettable impression.  

Today, the technique of laser engraving is very popular, because with its help, everyone can express their uniqueness. In addition, this method can be used on any products and surfaces. The most popular ones are:

  • Wood engraving;
  • Engraving on leather;
  • Engraving on metal.


Engraving is an effective way to process wood and create a unique relief on it. Thanks to laser beams, the image can be created on any surface, of different depths, shapes and colors.

The peculiarity of wood engraving is the selection of the material, namely the type of wood. Interestingly, each rock in contact with laser beams gives a different reaction, due to which the shades of the applied image can change.

However, this does not mean that the color scheme of the finished product depends solely on the color of the wood. Once the engraving is complete, the surface can be painted in any desired shade.

The work can also be done on lacquered wood.



Engraving on leather is another proven option to create a unique product. Using such an element, you can get not only an original, but also a useful thing. Recently, various leather products with individual inscriptions or images are particularly popular. For example, many people when choosing a gift give their preference to such things as:

  • wallets;
  • bags;
  • wallet;
  • bracelets;
  • belts;
  • covers;
  • key rings;
  • and much more. 

To work with laser engraving, a special leather is used - Crazy Horse. There are also two types of engraving: deep and surface. The choice of the method depends on the client's wishes and requirements for the final result. When in contact with the skin, the laser beams remove a thin layer of material, thereby obtaining the desired relief. After treatment, the skin changes its structure. That is why the drawing or inscription will always remain on the product. 


Metal engraving is a win-win way to create an original and timeless inscription on your favorite metal product. The undisputed advantage of laser engraving is that no chemicals or mechanical influences are used during operation. Thanks to laser beams, the top layer of the surface simply evaporates, leaving a relief in its place, which, in turn, creates the necessary image.

During laser engraving, you can use different types of metals or their alloys. Also, the work is performed on products of any shape, color and size. Recently, not only ordinary metal souvenirs have become popular, but also metal interior elements with individual images or inscriptions. Such products will not only create style, but also give uniqueness.

Any type of engraving is always carried out according to a pre-made layout, which is necessarily agreed with the client. Therefore, think in advance about what exactly you would like to get, on what material, what shape, color and size. The more details you name, the more accurately the specialist will create the initial template.

Please yourself and your loved ones-show your uniqueness in one product!

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