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    manufacturing method

    manufacturing method

    Laser engraving on leather, wood and metal

    We use laser engraving to apply an inscription or logo on leather and wood

    Benefits of engraving:

    • Does not damage the material
    • Abrasion resistant 
    • High accuracy of execution
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    manufacturing method

    Photo printing on metal

    To apply an inscription or logo on leather and wood, we use laser engraving

    Advantages of photo printing on metal:

    • High print quality
    • Eco-friendly and safe (non-toxic)
    • Resistance to moisture and mechanical damage
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    Спасибо за сумку, качество супер!!!!!


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    Спасибо за клатч, очень понравилась гравировка!!!!!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is laser engraving on the skin?



    Engraving on leather is another proven option to create a unique product. Using such an element, you can get not only an original, but also a useful thing.

    Recently, various leather products with individual inscriptions or images are particularly popular.

    We do not use embossing on the skin!

    What is metal printing? How it is implemented

    In our case, the work is done using a special UV printing (UV printing). What does it mean?

    First of all, you need a special flatbed printer, thanks to which you can turn any idea into reality. The mechanism of operation is that during direct printing, the ink is photopolymerized due to the action of UV rays.

    Important! We do not glue the photo to the metal, but apply it with ink.

    What is laser wood engraving?



    Engraving is an effective way to process wood and create a unique relief on it.

    Thanks to the laser beam, the image can be created on any surface, of different depths, shapes and colors.

    How the product is delivered



    We care about your convenience, so in our company, delivery in Ukraine can be arranged with the help of several courier services, namely:

    • Novaya Pochta (delivery time to large cities is from 1 to 3 days).
    • Ukrposhta (delivery time at the "Standard" tariff is from 3 to 7 days).

    What are the advantages of UV printing on metal?


    UV printing differs from other methods of applying images to metal, so it has its own special advantages.

    • Thanks to the ultraviolet rays, it is possible to display the image on almost all hard surfaces.
    • UV printing gives the image a special brightness and saturation.
    • Such products are used indefinitely, because they have a high resistance to water, light and even chemical influences. Metal with UV printing does not burn out and is not erased.

    What kind of leather do we use when making your orders




    Crazy  leather is used in the manufacture.

    Reliable, resistant to abrasion, this leather will allow you to enjoy the product for a long time.

    Leather key rings, laptop bags, backpacks

    To apply a high – quality and durable image to leather accessories, the main known method is used-laser engraving, its main advantages:

    A short period of its implementation.
    The possibility of applying the image to various surfaces and products (cosmetic bag, keychain, laptop bag, cosmetic bags( dressing case), backpack, wallet)
    High accuracy of application.
    When drawing (engraving), software is used.
    High definition and wear resistance of the image that does not respond to external influences. The drawing (engraving) cannot be erased, torn off or painted over.
    During the laser engraving, the keychain itself cannot be damaged, it will retain its former shape and appearance.
    Laser engraving and the technology of its execution

    When applying laser engraving, a keychain or backpack can be turned into an exclusive gift ,as a result, the customer receives a unique product that acquires its own uniqueness, exclusivity and uniqueness. Laser engraving on a CNC machine is a fast, durable, accurate and effective method of marking products. This special type of processing of wood and other materials allows you to turn an ordinary product into a unique one. With the help of a laser, the image is applied without distortion, and the object of application (keychain, laptop bag, backpack, wallet) is not deformed. With the help of laser engraving, it is possible to apply images to leather, wood, metal.

    Any product can be delivered to the customer at any address. (Ukraine: Dnipro, Kiev, Kharkiv, Lviv and any other city. Also the USA, Germany, France, Great Britain, Poland, Europe, Russia). Wholesale orders are possible.

    An engraving intended for a friend or a loved one is especially common, and it can turn out to be that unique little gift made only for him. You can write a declaration of love on it, or mark the date of birth of your son on an engraved calendar, you can write some word or symbol, the meaning of which is known only to you two.

    The works are made on: leather, wood, metal.

    Often a keychain combines functionality and decorativeness. A keychain is a very common accessory.. A special, status place is occupied by metal keychains with engraving. Such an item can tell a lot about its owner and is a kind of business card and a keychain with an image and a photo will definitely not be repeated. When ordering a certain inscription, photo or drawing, you will be sure that no one will have a second such thing, so such an item becomes unique, and you will not be able to find a repetition anywhere. The applied drawing can have a humorous meaning, corresponding to the tastes of the person for whom it is intended. On the website, you can choose the drawing that is most suitable for the present moment and the corresponding text for engraving. You can even transfer a drawing made by your baby to a keychain with the help of engraving, or some romantic drawing that reminds of a significant event in your life.

    You can please your loved one with an original and cool keychain for keys without a particularly serious reason, just by giving him the pleasure of receiving a nice surprise, for example, engraving lovers ' keychains.

    In an effort to find an original accessory for yourself or make an exclusive gift to a friend, you can spend a lot of money. But is it worth doing this when there is a cheaper method that allows you to achieve your intended goal? You can save time and money if you choose laser engraving on the skin!

    With the help of engraving on the skin, you can transform:

    Laptop bags, backpacks, purses, cosmetic bags (toiletry bag). They are appreciated by every fashionista or fashionista, regardless of age, but it is quite difficult to find exclusive options for a gift. With our help, this problem can be quickly solved if you decorate the product with a drawing, initials or a small inscription.

    A wallet. An original and stylish decoration will make this accessory more solid. And what serious man does not want to look more presentable? Our specialists know how to make such an accessory fashionable and stylish with the help of laser engraving.

    Men's briefcases. A small logo or other sign symbolizing the company's activities can be an ideal addition to a business men's portfolio.

    Phrases for applying can be very different, both proposed and written independently.

    In addition to beautiful sayings, you can choose a variant of the engraving font on the skin, which can make the inscription even more attractive.

    Why do they do it, the motivation can be completely different, this is also the most primitive, for example, so as not to confuse your keychain with someone else's, because ordinary factory keychains can be the same. To once again emphasize what a wonderful brand your car is, for this purpose, you can write the make and model of the car on this accessory.

    An engraving intended for a friend or a loved one is especially common, and it can turn out to be that unique little gift made only for him. You can write a declaration of love on it, or mark the date of birth of your son on an engraved calendar, you can write some word or symbol, the meaning of which is known o

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